Pay Here for All Pile Law Firm Estate Planning and Other Legal Services

Everything we do at Pile Law Firm is designed to make life easier for our clients and their families throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. You’ll see this in the various legal services we offer relative to estate planning. And you’ll see it in the way we let you pay for those services from the convenience of your home computer, laptop, notebook, or mobile device.

The next time you get an invoice from us for services rendered, simply click on the button below and make your payment through LawPay®, our online credit card processor. It’s more than incredibly easy; it’s also safe, secure, and fast.

You do, of course, always have the option of paying us by more conventional means. But give LawPay® a try. We think you’ll like it.


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns about any billing matter.

We at Pile Law Firm respect the privacy of our clients and everyone doing business with us – as does our online credit-card processor, LawPay®. Rest assured that neither we nor LawPay® will ever sell or distribute your personal information to any other party for any reason or under any circumstances.