Purchase & Sale of Real Estate

Residential Real Estate
Purchasing a home is typically the biggest and most important investment a person will make in their lifetime, and having an attorney present will ensure the buyer is entirely protected. If problems with the property are not fully disclosed during the buying process, the new owner will now have to deal with these problems at their own expense. Often times, costly litigation ensues as a result. By having an attorney present from start to finish, such problems may be avoided. Attorneys can work directly with the involved real estate agents and banker to minimize any risks and ensure your interests are protected.

Sale of Residential Real Estate
Prior to selling a property, an owner will need to understand the many regulations that govern home sales. Although a sale by owner can be done, hiring an attorney can ensure that strict regulations are followed and can avoid exposure to costly legal issues.

In protecting a seller, an attorney can review a homeowner’s listing agreement with the real estate broker to ensure the homeowner is protected, especially if the real estate broker is not performing well. Also, an attorney can review the proposed agreement of sale to ensure the terms of the agreement protect the homeowner from liability, and that contingencies are reasonable and limited. Your attorney will also be present for the closing of the property to ensure that no problems arise, that last minute changes are properly negotiated, and can explain the closing documents in depth to you.

Commercial Real Estate
In buying and selling commercial real estate, many other types of factors come into play, which may affect possession and title to the property. These include material defects within the seller’s knowledge, buyer’s duty to inspect, encumbrances and any environmental or zoning problems. Prior to making or accepting an offer on commercial real estate, an attorney should be consulted to ensure your interests are represented in the negotiation process. A real estate attorney can inform you whether your business will comply with the local land use and zoning laws.
What we can do

We can negotiate the terms of purchase agreements; advise you as to financing and title conditions; represent you in the acquisition, development, construction, leasing and sale of commercial, residential and multifamily properties, and mixed-use projects; and identify potential liability risks with respect to zoning issues, environmental problems, or unsatisfied liens.

We can also prepare the deed and represent your interests at closing in order to ensure that all parties have fully performed their obligations. We are experienced in government contracts as well as construction and investment financing and dispute resolution.